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Our feeders can be seen in use at Millsap Veterinary Clinic, Millsap, TX.

Home of the one and only "Rib Cage" feeder

Hay saving, horn friendly and built rancher tough

Swift Six Ag Works LLC

The Build

  • Whatever you feed we have your rack"

                                                             U.S. Patent (Pending)
                                           "Built Rancher Tough and Made In Texas"

* Whatever you are feeding we have your rack, be it horned or polled cattle, horses, deer, elk, buffalo, sheep, goats, alpaca, or other species this feeder will most likely accommodate your needs.

*   No longer do you have to cringe watching your hay be fed off the ground and risk contamination from mildew, or animal and ground contaminants. We have your solution. Invest now and start saving hay and protecting your livestock from risk of injury with a hay saving feeder that will be around for many years.  Our hay feeders are hay saving and built to last.

* By design our feeders are horn friendly.

* Feeders are built to conserve and preserve your round bale unlike other feeders currently on the market.

* If you load your hay via a pick-up truck, front end loader or spear bed we have your feeder. No need to manually roll or lift your hay ring to drop your bale. 

* Model 201 has a hinged side which allows the side to be lowered with the release of two hitch pins.  This allows the unit to be loaded via the bed of a pick-up truck without mechanical assistance. Once the unit is loaded merely lift the side and place the hitch pins in their designated position and the feeder is ready for use.

* Feeders are constructed of 11 gauge 8" X 2" tubing skids and 2"X 2" rolled square tubing which forms the "rib cage" cradle for the #9 x 3/4" expanded metal basket.  Units are mig welded and hot dip zinc galvanized to 3+ mil thickness to conform with the American Galvanizing Association Standards.  For additional information regarding the process of galvanizing and and what you the consumer can expect visit www.galvanizeit.org/about-hot-dip-galvanizing/what-is-hot-dip-galvanizing.

* Feeders are equipped with skids, welded D-rings, lift eyes and fork lift tubes to allow the unit to be pulled, lifted, or loaded from one trap to another.  Convenience does matter.

Models currently available

* Model SS-101--Single bale feeder.  Designed to be loaded via a front end loader

* Model SS-201--Designed to be loaded via the bed of a pick-up truck without mechanical assistance (i.e. roll the round bale directly from the bed into the feeder)

* Model SS-301--Designed to be loaded via a spear bed or front end loader

* Model SS-401--same as model 101 except unit has a rolled frame top to allow for the attachment of a canvas cover to protect the bale from the elements.

* Model SS-501--Designed to hold/feed a 3'X3'X8' rectangle bale or serves efficiently as a hay  feeder for small square bales and such.

Model-SS-601--Double round bale.  Same as SS-101 except longer

*** Feeders are available that can accommodate up to 3 round bales.  It is built as a single unit with the same principles as the feeders referenced above.  Just bigger!


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